Product training provided during the implementation of the solution is geared towards two goals:

  • Providing your IT support and chosen members of your engineering team with adequate knowledge to administer the SCHAD Mobile Work Management solution
  • Delivering first line support to your organisation's engineers and technicians.

Highest systems availability = highest ROI

SCHAD recognises that high systems availability is fundamental to meeting return on investment plans and offers a range of optional maintenance and support services to complement our SCHAD Mobile Work Management products.

These include:

  • Access to minor and micro product releases
    This is offered in accordance with our on-going continuous product development strategy. As part of this we periodically issue new minor and micro product releases that also incorporate minor product changes and bug fixes.
  • Error correction service
    Reported Product faults are assigned a priority according to business impact. Each priority level is assigned a guaranteed service level to assure issues are promptly handled by our support team.
  • Access to Hotline
    Telephone access to our support hotline. This service is available during normal office working hours, 9:00-17:00 Mon-Fri, but in some regions can be extended to be available 24 * 7.
  • Software Information service
    Access to our support team to answer general queries and provide assistance.
  • Software upgrades
    From time to time SCHAD will issue new major product releases. Users who have purchased the appropriate support options can benefit from the enhancements and new product features included in these releases through our software upgrade programme.