Products Overview

Combine Automation and EAM

The SCHAD platform connects data from automated systems, such as those found in many automated industrial environments and facilities, with data from Enterprise Asset Management and Real-Estate Management systems to enable more efficient and effective equipment maintenance and operation.

More effective understand of equipment beahviour enables better performance and longer operation from equipment without incremental investment in the ongoing maintenance. SCHAD support maintenance and operations staff react faster to breakdowns and improve understanding of equipment behaviour to enable preventative and predictive maintenance.

SCHAD's products have been shown to provide the following benefits:

  • Lower MTTR
  • Improved MTBF
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Reduced cost of maintenance: labor and parts

Product Suite

SCHAD provides mobile applications to provide key maintenance data, often difficult to access from a shop floor, to technicians in real-time. Our platform integrates with a wide range of industry automation systems to bring data from your MES, SCADA or BMS directly to a mobile technician, and provide them with the ability to cross-reference that data with maintenance activity history, plans, documentation and parts stored in the Enterprise Asset Management system. This tight integration enables a technician to be able to rapidly receive and respond to a fault alarm directly from the equipment and record his follow-up activities directly into the EAM, with full access to contextual information such as job plans and equipment documentation. This linkage radically reduces time spent traveling to get information, tools and parts and ensures that all activities are recorded in real-time, eliminating subsequent admin time spent entering data at a desktop PC.


Mobile Products

Mobile Add-ons

Direct Connect

SCHAD Mobile SCADA & Alarms   SCHAD Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
SCHAD Mobile Work Management SCHAD Calibration
SCHAD Airfield Inspections
SCHAD Mobile Inventory Management    


Server Applications

SCHAD also produces applications which run continuously in a server (or cloud) environment, collecting data changes from the automation systems and populating asset meters or attributes in the EAM. This enables the EAM to detect thresholds in data that can be used to automatically trigger PM acitivities designed to investigate and remedy unusual or undesirable behaviour in an asset before it results in a fault.



Automatic Meter Reading - Solution for moving from basic calender-based maintenance to Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM).