SCHAD Mobile Work Management

Combine planned and unplanned maintenance management activity together on a single mobile application. Using SCHAD Mobile Work Management engineers working all around a site have mobile access to the CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) System, ensuring asset maintenance is better co-ordinated, unscheduled downtime is reduced and response times to problems or system failure are improved.



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Mobile access to the CMMS or Enterprise Asset Management System

SCHAD Mobile Work Management integrates SCADA and CMMS functionality to enable seamless workflows to be completed on a mobile device. This enables your maintenance team to process planned work orders and simultaneously respond to unplanned fault notifications whilst recording labour and spare parts usage in real time ensuring your CMMS is always right up-to-date.

Planned work orders may be assigned to the user by the CMMS or may be selected by the user. Labour, spare parts, and other related data may be recorded against the work order.  Work orders can include check lists which may be assembled into inspection routes.

Work orders may be created from an alarm, by searching for the asset, or with reference to a work order assigned to the user. Whilst processing the work order, Engineers have instant access to related documents such as wiring diagrams, work order and alarm history, and may monitor parameters in the automation system or even display graphical trends for analogue values.

SCHAD Mobile Work Managementis a family of Mobile SCADA and Maintenance (MSM) software products for planned and unplanned maintenance engineering and asset management. A smart mobile application Mobile Work Management is built on a highly scalable platform capable of supporting multiple site implementations using a distributed model. All products are fully integrated, incorporating cross-product work-flows and common reporting, providing the user with a single intuitive solution for all their engineering activities.

Use SCHAD Mobile Work Management for the following 'field based' maintenance tasks:

  • Trouble shooting
  • Processing of planned work orders
  • Condition based maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance inspection routes


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Lower costs

  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Reduce labour costs and spending on overtime
  • Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) of automated assets

Boost productivity

  • Improve workload balance for engineers
  • Eliminate paperwork and improve work order administration
  • Early problem detection, avoid wasted journeys around the plant
  • Eliminate data entry costs and associated errors

Get 360 degree visibility of operations

  • Improved reporting means better decision making
  • Holistic approach integrating CMMS with SCADA and PLCs expands the availability and use of information
  • Update the CMMS or EAM enterprise asset management system in real time

Improved asset lifespan

  • Ensure assets are always running at optimum performance
  • Proactive asset maintenance means shorter response times and faster maintenance management

Improved maintenance operations

  • Reduce fault repair and problem resolution times
  • Real-time Spare Part stock accuracy
  • Automatic repair time recording
  • Ensure work orders are fully and accurately completed
  • Improved reporting means better decision making