Utilities SCADA


"Always on" mobile plant monitoring means lower downtime

Public service utilities - power stations, water treatment facilities, electricity generators, rely on process automation and the utilities SCADA systems that monitor them around the clock. SCHAD Mobile Work Management offers significant benefits to organisations involved with energy supply, water supply and oil and gas production over traditional SCADA and maintenance systems, by enabling the highly automated systems behind fundamental production and operational processes to be monitored, controlled and maintained using ordinary mobile devices.
Capable of scaling to monitor hundreds of thousands of system parameters (tags), SCHAD Mobile Work Management can monitor a wide range of data sources including existing SCADA and maintenance systems, PLCs and databases. 
When a tag being monitored by the SCHAD Mobile SCADA system meets a pre-defined notification condition, an alert message is triggered which is sent directly to team members responsible for maintaining airport systems. With mobile access to monitor the systems and view technical documents and maintenance history, both response and fix times can be dramatically reduced.


Full integration with plant maintenance and SCADA

For planned maintenance activities, SCHAD Mobile Work Management can be integrated to a plant maintenance system, keeping the host system up-to-date and eliminating paperwork. Fully integrated with mobile SCADA, engineers are equipped with a single mobile tool to process planned work orders, receive automated alert notifications, and perform fault diagnosis.
SCHAD works with a wide range of organisations for whom EXTEND7000 utilities SCADA system is having a significant impact, reducing unscheduled downtime by as much as 60%. The fact that world class companies rely on our software to add enhanced value and functionality to their existing installations, demonstrates the contribution SCHAD Mobile SCADA makes in a very short timeframe to improving operational efficiency - through lower downtime, shortened response times and lower labour costs.
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