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EXTEND7000 is a powerful family of closely integrated maintenance engineering applications designed for use with mobile devices. It enables organisations using automation equipment to significantly cut unscheduled downtime and its associated costs.


Running across an existing Wi-Fi or GRPS network, EXTEND7000 enables engineering or technical personnel to receive and process fault notifications, monitor and control industrial automation systems, and process work orders from any location. Downtime can be reduced by up to 60%, service levels can be improved by 25%, and paperwork eliminated.

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Mobile SCADA:

Mobile SCADA functions in a similar way to any SCADA system and continuously monitors parameters defined in a database for notification conditions, as well as providing features to read and write to these parameters.

EXTEND7000 differs from traditional SCADA in that there is no intervention in the control room and notifications are automatically forwarded to engineers working on mobile terminals according to their skillset and proximity to the fault.
It takes just 6 seconds from the fault occurring for the engineer to receive the notification. Not just a simple messaging system, EXTEND7000 takes the engineer through a workflow requiring the notification to be accepted, rejected, delegated or resolved.

Mobile Maintenance:

Mobile Maintenance enables engineers to access the host Plant Maintenance System (PMS) remotely using a Mobile device. Work Orders may be processed, new Work Orders created and asset history reviewed.

Closely integrated with Mobile SCADA, engineers can interrupt planned maintenance work to respond to a higher priority notification, asset history can be reviewed and Work Orders created with reference to the notification.

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Decreased unplanned downtime, faster response times, better resource utilisation and productivity, improved service levels, elimination of paperwork, and accurate and timely information from real-time mobile data entry.

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Any standard smartphone, tablet or Windows mobile device.

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Any organisation using automated systems where reduction in downtime from faults represents a significant cost saving. In most cases these systems will be utilising PLCs and SCADA systems.

Any organisation using plant maintenance systems for engineering activities that currently rely on paper based processes.

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It varies with each installation but we suggest the following as a starting point:
  • 38 - 60% reduction in unscheduled downtime of systems and machinery
  • 10 – 25% improvement in service levels and staff productivity
  • 50% improvement to resource utilisation levels and workflow management
  • In many cases there is no further need to man the SCADA control room
  • Accurate stock levels and progress reports in the Plant Maintenance System.
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It depends on functionality, complexity, scale and the number of SCADA processes being monitored. Elapsed implementation time to be fully operational, including training, can range from a few days to a few weeks.

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No. When integrating EXTEND7000 none of the existing systems need to be touched, shut down or changed. The system connects to the Network as an additional client without the need to install software on PLC or SCADA systems.

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  • Notification escalation, team workflows
  • Monitoring and control
  • Trending, logging and reporting
  • Access to technical data and resources
  • CCTV access for visual monitoring
  • Review asset maintenance history
  • Process work orders
  • Create work orders
  • Issue spare parts
  • Return spare parts
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Yes. Many existing customers connect EXTEND7000 to existing monitoring software. E.g. Volkswagen’s IT department monitors hard drive capacities, processor usage and firewalls. The open architecture of EXTEND7000 means it can interface with almost any system easily, bringing the advantages of creating a general gateway between fixed and mobile workspaces.

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EXTEND7000 does not tie you to a particular manufacturer and has standard interfaces available for most commonly used PLC, SCADA and plant maintenance systems as well as database, OPC and other generic data sources.

An EXTEND7000 project can interface to any mix of systems from different manufacturers. It is not just a mobile SCADA solution, it is a powerful family of closely integrated applications providing a single mobile tool for the engineer to integrate to the automation system and host plant maintenance system.
Engineering Mobility is SCHAD's core business  and we operate a continuous product development plan to ensure our solutions are supported on the latest generation of mobile products. We do not compromise our solutions by using standard web browsers but deploy a client/server architecture to provide the optimal user interface to deliver the best possible user experience.

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The ability to monitor a mixed population of systems at different locations, raise notifications, and direct them to the same group of engineers is key to the EXTEND7000 solution design.

EXTEND7000 supports many different data sources including most commonly deployed PLC and SCADA systems as well as generic interfaces such as ADO and OPC.

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EXTEND7000 allows for almost unlimited scalability and systems have been deployed monitoring many 100,000's of tags.

The component based architecture of the EXTEND7000 platform allows the solution to be distributed across multiple servers at different locations so that WAN traffic can be minimised.

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