Development Ethos

Commitment to continuous software development 

SCHAD follows the continuous development philosophy deployed by many software manufacturers. In line with this, the company periodically issues minor and major new product releases.

As a suite of products, development of EXTEND7000 is managed through a Strategic Product Roadmap. This comprises details of enhancements and modifications as requested by existing users and prospective customers, as well as the recommendations of SCHAD’s product marketing team.

Product roadmap acceptance criteria

Potential new features are collectively assessed to ensure they meet the following criteria:

  • Applicability to existing user base
  • Compatibility with wider market requirements
  • Relative complexity of introducing the change
  • Compatibility with SCHAD’s product mission for EXTEND7000

After considering these criteria, suitable enhancements are incorporated into the final development programme and content of the next major release is determined.

Benefits to existing customers 

Wherever possible, SCHAD ensures major version releases are reverse compatible. This means existing customers who have purchased an appropriate support programme can benefit from new functionality without incurring a cost for additional software licenses.

SCHAD recommends prospective customers always implement the current release of EXTEND7000. In circumstances where additional features are requested to meet specific business requirements, these will be added to the product roadmap for review. Provided such requests fulfill the company’s general assessment criteria outlined above, they will be incorporated into the next major release of the product as a standard feature.

New functionality at no extra cost 

In this way SCHAD offers additional functionality at minimal or no extra cost because development can be shared between our existing user base, who contribute through our support programme and new users purchasing software licenses.

On purchasing EXTEND7000, SCHAD enters into an on-going relationship whereby our priority is to deliver sophisticated Mobile Engineering applications that deliver the best possible returns to your business with the lowest possible cost of ownership.