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SCHAD has joined the Fluke Corporation

Extend7000 SCADA Mobile Solutions AwardedWe are delighted to announce that the SCHAD team and products are joining the Fluke Corporation. The SCHAD tools will support the strategy of Fluke Digital Systems to dramatically enhance and further support maintenance technicians in achieving the best performance from their assets. Investment into the existing SCHAD product line will continue, and be expanded to include integration with other Fluke systems, tools and sensors.

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SCHAD Mobile SCADA and Work Order Management

Extend7000 SCADA Mobile Solutions AwardedUsing SCHAD Mobile Work Management, any SCADA system can be operated on a mobile device. Maintenance engineers can receive alarms within seconds of an event taking place and immediately access information and documents to clear the alarm in the SCADA system and restore normal operations.

SCHAD Mobile Work Management integrates SCADA and CMMS functionality to enable seamless workflows to be completed on a mobile device. This enables your maintenance team to respond to fault notifications on the move and then create, access or process work orders related to the notification in real time.

Planned and unplanned maintenance is better co-ordinated, unscheduled downtime is reduced and response times to problems or systems failure are improved.

Planned work orders may be assigned to the user by the CMMS or may be selected by the user. Labour, spare parts, and other related data may be recorded against the work order.  Work orders can include check lists which may be assembled into inspection routes.

Work orders may be created from an alarm, by searching for the asset, or with reference to a work order assigned to the user. Whilst processing the work order, Engineers have instant access to related documents such as wiring diagrams, work order and alarm history, and may monitor parameters in the automation system or even display graphical trends for analogue values.

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SCADA on a mobile device

Using SCHAD Mobile SCADA maintenance engineers can receive filtered alarms from SCADA systems or directly from PLCs within seconds of a fault occurring on an asset and immediately take ownership of the alarm. Engineers can then access information and documents to assist with clearing the alarm in the shortest possible timeframe and restart equipment that has failed.

Choose SCADA for automated alarm notifications, and if you use a supported CMMS or EAM system, add Maintenance to provide your engineering team with a fully integrated Engineering Mobility solution for unplanned and planned activities.

Integrated SCADA and maintenance systems with SCHAD Application Platform

SCHAD Mobile Work Management enables maintenance teams to work seamlessly with unplanned alarms from SCADA and planned Work Orders from Computerised Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software, e.g. IBM Maximo, all on any combination of mobile device, smartphone or tablet. The software takes a workflow approach with a single look and feel User Interface enabling the engineer to move seamlessly between different activities without having to login to multiple systems.

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